Are you just DYING for a hot soak in the great outdoors? Have you always found that, after a day of adventuring, nothing finishes the evening better than a hot soak in the tub? Well, then, this hot springs tour is for you!

Hot springs are formed in one of two ways: from water coming into contact with geothermal heat from the earth’s interior, and then finding its way to the surface, or, in volcanic areas, when water comes in contact with magma. Most of the hot springs in which you can swim will be the former – most water that comes into contact with magma becomes superheated, resulting in boiling pools or geysers (like the ones in Yellowstone National Park!).

This tour includes plenty of the great outdoors, as well as some soaks in some of the best hot springs BC has to offer! So come visit us, and refresh yourself with a soak in our naturally mineral-rich waters!

10 Days, 2,027 Km

Day 1: Gibsons!

Day 2: Kelowna – Myra Canyon Trestles

Day 3: Halcyon or Nakusp Hot Springs

Day 4: New Denver/ Ainsworth Hot Springs and Kootenay Lake Ferry

Day 5: Cranbrook/Kimberley

Day 6: Windemere Lake

Day 7: Golden

Day 8: Kamloops

Day 9: North Vancouver

Day 10: Gibsons!


Day 1: Arrive in Gibsons

A Taxi will pick you up at the Vancouver airport (if you arrive same-day), or from your hotel of choice (if you spend the night in Vancouver), and bring you to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. You’ll board the ferry, feeling almost as if you’re taking a mini-steamer to our location in Gibsons, British Columbia.

Someone from our Happy Holidays Team will meet you as you exit the ferry terminal, and escort you to your clean, fully-stocked and ready-to-go vehicle!
sunshine coast motorhome tour

After an orientation to the vehicle, as well as a bit of paperwork, we’ll present you with a packet of information that can help you on your way! (Tourist information, a handbook about your RV’s different systems and operations, as well as a few other goodies! You’ll also find a card showing all our different resources online – including an up and coming set of how-to videos, in case you just can’t seem to remember how to operate something!)

If you arrive directly from the airport, we do recommend that you stock up your fridge, maybe grab a bite at one of the many fantastic local restaurants, and get some shut eye at the local Langdale Heights RV Park. If you’re a golfer, they also have a pitch and putt on site!


Restaurant Suggestions: Buono, Lunitas Mexican Eatery, Drift Cafe and Bistro


Campground: Langdale Heights RV Park and Pitch and Putt


Day 2: Kelowna

Wake up bright and early, enjoy the Canadian sunrise, and the cleanest air in the world! Grab the 6:20 ferry from Gibsons, and head all the way to Kelowna! From there, you can take a shuttle to Myra Canyon, where you’ll be renting bikes from Myra Canyon rentals.

After picking up your bikes, you can either take a guided tour, or you can just head out for the Myra Canyon Trestles – very small elevation change, lots of adventure! Just check out this view from the trail:

kelowna wine country motorhome

Make sure to sample some of the wine while you’re there – Kelowna is part of BC’s wine country!

Campground: Bear Creek Provincial Park


Day 3: Halcyon/Nakusp Hot Springs

Halcyon and Nakusp Hot Springs are two hot springs resorts, where the mineral-rich waters are pumped into pools to be enjoyed (without the mud!). If you’d like to visit both, we would recommend that you spend the first part of the day in Halcyon Hot Springs, and then head to Nakusp. Nakusp has rv sites available, so once you’re parked, you can settle in for the evening!

If you’re feeling like you need a little extra pampering, book a massage or a treatment at the Halcyon Hot Springs Spa. Nothing like a massage and a meal to ease your mind and your body!

Lunch/Dinner: Kingfisher Restaurant at Halcyon Hot Springs

Campground: Nakusp Hot Springs RV Sites


Day 4: New Denver/Ainsworth Hot Springs and Kootenay Lake Ferry

Start your morning off by driving just a few minutes to the village of New Denver, where you can stop at a local café for your morning coffee and light breakfast. Go for a quick stroll along Slocan Lake, and enjoy the views in this scenic mountain village!

slocan lake rv tour

Next, you’ll head to Kaslo, BC, and enjoy a soak in the Ainsworth Hot Springs! You can enjoy them as they are pumped into a pool, or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, in a cave! These waters are so abundant, the pool water is completely changed over 4 times a day – make that 6 for the cave waters!


After your soak, enjoy a meal at the Ktunaxa Grill, on site at Ainsworth Hot Springs. Once your belly is full, head to the Kootenay Lake Ferry, and make the short crossing. You’ll be spending the night at Kokanee Chalets RV Park!


Dinner: Ktunaxa Grill


Campground: Kokanee Chalets RV Park


Day 5: Cranbrook/Kimberley

Today, you’ve got about 2.5 hours of driving to do in the morning, so make sure you get an early start! Luckily, in mid-summer, the sun rises well before 6:00 AM, so at least you won’t be driving in the dark!

Once you get to Cranbrook, feel free to get out, stretch your lakes, and take a walk in one of the many parks. For a few ideas of where to take a stroll, click here.

When you get to Kimberley, BC, you’ll find a beautiful mountain oasis in the Kootenay Rockies! There are 2 provincial parks and 1 regional park in the area, if hiking or biking is your idea of a good time. There is also Cominco Gardens, which would appeal to nature lovers and horticulturists alike! More of a cultural explorer? Check out Kimberley’s underground mining railway, and you won’t be disappointed!

For dinner, head out to either The Old Bauernhaus Restaurant (a chalet-style venue serving traditional german food), or The Broken Paddle Diner.

Dinner: The Old Bauernhaus Restaurant or The Broken Paddle Diner

Campground: Kimberley Riverside Campground


Day 6: Windermere Lake

Today, you’ll be having a relaxing day on Windermere lake. The drive is only 1.5 hours, so feel free to sleep in, have a long breakfast, and then hit the road.

This would be a great day to pack a picnic, break out some card games or that book you’ve been dying to read, and just enjoy a day in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! Your RV rental comes fully stocked with camping chairs, and if you’d like, rent a BBQ and have a beachside BBQ!

windermere lake

If you’re still full of energy, there are kayak, canoe, and paddleboard rentals as well. You can also get a round of golf in at the Copper Point Golf Club! So make a day of it, and catch some rays!

Dinner: Strand’s Old House Restaurant

Campground: Shadybrook Resort


Day 7: Golden, BC

BC has many mountain peaks, and Canadians LOVE hiking. If you’re feeling up to it, go ahead a pick one of the many trails around Golden, BC, and head out for the day! Feeling more like you’d like the view, but without the sweat? Don’t sweat it! The Kicking Horse Gondola will take you to the peak of the mountain, where you’ll get breathtaking views!
golden bc hiking rv tour

Dinner: Turning Point Restaurant (they have prime rib!)

Campground: Whispering Spruce Campground and RV Park


Day 8: Kamloops!

Today you’ll be spending a bit more time in the car, so make sure to get an early start! The Okanagan is Canada’s wine country; once you get there, make sure to visit a few wineries! Some of the most well known are:

Harper’s Trail Estate Winery

Privato Vineyard and Winery

Monte Creek Ranch Winery

Kamloops winery rv tour
Have dinner at the Monte Creek Ranch Winery’s restaurant, and then head off to snooze in the Silver Sage RV Park.

Dinner: The Terrace at Monte Creek Winery

Campground: Silver Sage RV Park


Day 9: Gibsons

Today is another slightly longer day in the car, so try to get on the road as early as possible! When you arrive in Gibsons, public market for breakfast or lunch (depending on if you’re an early riser or if you like to sleep in!). Afterwards, you can take a kayak for a local tour, or go for a sundowner on a sailboat! We rent out a beautiful Hunter 43’ sailboat, if you’d like to hit the water for the evening. Head up to Mike’s place for their (what seems like) hundreds of flavors of homemade gelato, and get ready for your final night in your temporary home!

gibsons rv tour

Dinner: Smitty’s or Leo’s Tapas and Grill

Campground: Langdale Heights RV Park and Pitch and Putt or Gibsons RV Resort


Day 10: Returning your RV

Meet one of the Happy Holidays Motorhome staff at the pre-arranged location (usually the ferry terminal) to give back your RV. The staff member will do a quick once-over of the vehicle, record the kilometers, and send you on your way to the ferry!

 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +1 (604) 886-9025


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